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Cheap shofars for sale

As a family business located outside of the big cities (we’re located in Modi’in Illit, near the area of the Maccabeans of the Tanakh) we’re able to keep our prices down. I’m sure there are all sorts of eBay sellers who sell shofars at very low prices, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a better value.

Often inexpensive shofars are not made in Israel, but in a sweat shop in Morocco and China. The exploit cheap labor and get shoddy work with a low level of expertise. That means indiscernible hairline cracks are common and the sound produced is likely to be inferior.

Another detail to pay attention to when shopping online is the size of course. A small ram’s horn shofar (9-12 inches) can be bought for as little $20. But what you are getting is a rinky-dink horn that you can barely get a sound out of. Note that with ram’s horn shofars, bigger does not necessarily mean better in terms of sound. Although a jumbo shofar is impressive, for quality sound you’re usually better off with a medium size. This applies to ram’s horn shofars, but not necessarily to Yemenite shofars.

In terms of appearance, you could get lucky with a cheap shofar, but you could also get stuck with an unattractive piece. That’s why we take the trouble to individually photograph, test and describe each shofar we keep in stock.

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