Shofar shopping: What you see is what you get?

Before we launched our shofar web store, we had a successful tallit and tzitzit web store operating for a number of years. When we began to venture into shofar sales, we received the following inquiry from Pierre, a prospective Yemenite shofar buyer:

I possess a shofar for one year and I would like to buy another one, unpolished this time…
However, before buying from your webstore, I wanted to know a very important point for me:
The picture is or is not the reality? (i.e. color and shape of the shofar are the same that on the picture?)

I was already aware of the issue, and had been toying with a concept for an online shofar shop that enabled buyers to actually see the shofar before placing an order. And when I got the above email from Pierre, I knew there must be a lot of other prospective shofar buyers out there who would appreciate this type of webstore. So we worked to make it happen.

Now I’m happy to say we have our shofar shop up and running, with photos of every shofar we have in stock.

The images may not be as crisp as the stock photos other online shofar sellers use, but at least they are the real thing, not just a disclaimer, like the following:

All pictures provided on these pages are meant to give a general impression of the items only. Expect variations in the coloring and exact size and shape of the shofar you receive.

It’s a lot of work to photograph and catalog each shofar individually, but we think it’s worth it.


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