Yemenite Shofar Use in Secular Music

  • Featured in Edward Elgar’s oratorio “The Apostles” (usually other instruments, such as the flugelhorn, are usually used).
  • Featured in the last movement of Aaron Minsky’s Judaica Concert Suite, “Sound the Shofar.”
  • Argentinean composer Osvaldo Golijov includes shofar blasts in “Rocketekya,” “The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind,” “Rose of the Winds” and “Tekya.”
  • Romanian composer Anghel Irinel uses a shofar in “Labryinthe” and “Images Flottantes.”
  • Isaac Sinwani, a Jew of Yemenite descent, opened his performance of Ofra Haza’s song Im Nin Alu at one of Madonna’s concerts with a shofar.
  • Film composer Jerry Goldsmith used shofar sounds in the soundtracks for Planet of the Apes and Aliens.
  • Salem (Israeli Mizrahi band) uses the shofar in their adaptation of a psalm.
  • Late trumpeter Lester Bowie played a shofar with the Art Ensemble of Chicago.
  • The former bassist for Phish is credited for playing the shofar In Joey Arkenstat’s album Bane.
  • David Haskell blew the shofar in the first act of the musical “Godspell.”
  • Israeli composer and singer Shlomo Gronich uses the Yemenite shofar to produce a very wide range of notes.

On YouTube you can hear Metropolitan Klezmer trumpeter Pam Fleming trying out her latest horn, a kudu Yemenite shofar.



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