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Shofar Ringtones

With Elul already upon us and Rosh Hashana rapidly approaching, why not put a wake-up call for your soul on your cell-phone? Shofar ringtones can now be downloaded for free at Zedge. Other shofar ringtones are available at beeMP3 or try Daniel ben Yossef’s shofar ringtone at Audiko. Another shofar app, Shofar Hero by Yotam Gingold, features a 55-second tekia gedola.

More recently Prokerala uploaded a shofar ringtone by LMI.

Meanwhile, is offering an application that allows you to familiarize yourself with the various shofar sounds tekia, shevarim, terua, tekiah gedola for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

On a related note, you might enjoy a song by Ari Goldwag called “Finally Here.”


As he walked home from yeshiva,

a sound reached his ears

clear and majestic, unmistakably near

Joy filled his heart

He’s finally here, Moshiach’s finally here.

He ran all the way home

said to his dad,

“Did you hear it – the shofar

or am I going mad?”

“Not now, my son,

can it wait ’til later, when the business news is done.”


Where is our hope, our faith, our pride?

Where’s the desire, the love deep inside?

When we say we want Ben Dovid to come

We can’t fool ourselves or the Holy One.

She heard it, at first faintly

a note long and clear

steadily the sound grew

’til it was all she could hear

Joy filled her heart

He’s finally here, Moshiach’s finally here.

She rushed to the kitchen,

got on the phone.

“Sister, can you hear it

or is it me alone?”

“Can you call back tonight?

I’m facebooking now, so I hope it’s alright…”


When we finally hear the shofar

After all these many years

Our emotions can run deeply

moving us to tears

Joy will fill our hearts

When he’s finally here,

When Moshiach’s finally here.

We must strengthen our hope, our faith, our pride.

We can find the desire, the love deep inside.

When we say we want Ben Dovid to come

We can reconnect to the Holy One.

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